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September 17, 2014:  So my very first blog post.  How exciting!  Welcome one and all.  So “they” say that you should write about what you know, so let’s be a follower and do just that!  Yay!!!!  It’s September, and soon we will all be hit with a flock (or should I say flop) of horrible network television shows, with one or two exceptions, which seems to be the standard each and every year.   I was watching the Today show at the gym this morning and saw Debra Messing being interviewed by Matt Lauer about her new show called “The Mysteries Of Laura” which premieres tonight on NBC.  I try to watch every new show at least once (before it gets canceled).  I feel it’s my duty (and my job) to stay current and know who is and was on what.   I loved “Will and Grace”, so I’m a Debra Messing fan.  However, I wasn’t a fan of her other show “Smash” (I actually had to go to IMDB to look up the name of this show because….well I forgot, and didn’t really care to remember), and by the previews of this gem, I can’t see myself tuning into “Laura” on a regular basis.  However, I’ve been wrong (many times) before so anything is possible.  I remember hating the pilot for “30 Rock”, as well as “ER” (don’t judge me) and ended up loving both – shows which are bona fide hits.  Does “Laura” have the mojo of “30 Rock” or “ER”?  Oh, hell no.  But I assume Debra Messing has a small following of fans, looking for that “Will and Grace” magic.  NBC is smart to air this early.  The reviews haven’t been….well, good, and it’s smart to create an early buzz – also what else is really on? (just being honest).  Maybe NBC actually has high hopes for “Laura”?  After all, they did pick it up, which leads me to my next question:  How bad were all of the other NBC pilots this year?  Yikes!   Okay, I’ll just try and keep an open mind – that’s my job. Debra Messing said her new show was a one hour dramedy, which “hadn’t been done before”.  I guess she never saw “Ally McBeal”.


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Jason Buyer offers private one-on-one mock audition technique classes, as well as group classes for all levels. Jason offers kids, teens, and adults the opportunity to learn and grow as performers in a safe, friendly environment. The goal is to provide students of all ages with the fundamental, career building knowledge of the industry so they may succeed outside of the classroom. Jason not only teaches audition technique, but self confidence and control in uncomfortable yet realistic audition situations. Jason Buyer is CEO teaching “The Formula” to beginning and advanced acting students, which is the only audition technique class taught entirely from the casting perspective. Jason began casting extras and commercials in his home town of Chicago, Illinois nearly twenty years ago. His casting background and experience is extensive. Jason was the senior casting coordinator at Warner Bros. TV, the casting associate at UDK Casting (Ulrich/Dawson/Kritzer), and the former casting associate at Weber and Associates Casting at MGM, working on and casting dozens of pilots and episodic television shows in Los Angeles.  Jason continues to stay true to his roots, completing principal casting for the Columbia College and UCLA Directing & Writing Programs, as well as webseries, The Consultants, and the pilot presentation, Odds On The Acts, from creator Chris Bearde. Jason has also been the invited keynote speaker at numerous universities, (The Ohio State University, The University of Cincinnati, The University of Georgia, Clemson University, Columbia College, Chicago, Valparaiso University, The New School of Drama, Stonestreet Studios, etc.) conducting marketing seminars for their graduating seniors and theatre students. Now an author, Jason’s first book, Inside The Audition Room: The Essential Actors Handbook For Los Angeles is now available at The Drama Bookshop in NY, Samuel French Bookstore in LA, and Jason is also an adjunct professor for Columbia College, Chicago, running the Semester In LA Acting Program.  He currently teaches adult classes at Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop & Weist Barron Acting Studios in New York.